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Brent Winstone

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, lives & works in Sydney, Australia


Brent is foremost an artist whose passion lies utilising photography and graphics. 


He spent 10 years working in the architecture industry, which might explain his tendency to concentrate on *urban art. After building a successful business as a freelance photographer, he took a unique role at Qantas Airways as their first in-house photographer. He now has a new-found love for the aviation industry.


His first love however, will always be pattern work. Pattern in nature, pattern in architecture, the pattern of our daily lives; you will see this reflected in one way or another throughout his work.


*Urban art (from Latin urbanus, itself from urbs ["city"]) is a style of art that relates to cities and city life often done by artists who live in or have a passion for city life.




Exhibitions / Awards


2017 :  Stencil Art Prize Finalist

            Stirrup Gallery, Sydney

2016 :  Stencil Art Prize Finalist

            Sydney Fringe Festival 

2015 :  Stencil Art Prize Finalist

            aMBUSH Gallery


2015 :  Head-on

            Exhibition, Paddington Reserve


2014 :  Finalist in Australian Life

            Exhibition, Hyde Park Sydney


2013 :  Head-On

            State Library, NSW


2012 :  Australian Institute of Professional                    Photographers Award - Silver Medals


2011 :  Finalist in Sydney Life

            Exhibition, Hyde Park, Sydney


2011 :  International Loupe Awards

            Bronze Medal




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