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City Sun

At street level, Sydney CBD appears to be quite a soulless, man-made environment - primarily functional, with high-rise towers that pack as many people in as possible. This often has the heartbreaking secondary affect of blocking out most of the beautiful Sydney landscape, so that as workers maneuver between glass and concrete carrying out their daily business, their subconscious seeks out warmth or shade, depending on their day. In this series, I look at the majesty of the sun and it’s energy, as it reflects off of the architecture to create softer, more inviting spaces for us to rejuvenate and re-balance the soul. Patterns are created and ever-changing visual galleries become a natural part of the light and dark of our city.

Australia Square, Sydney CBD

Bond Street, Sydney George Street, Sydney

Australia Square, Sydney CBD

George Street

Fractured | Australia Square, Sydney

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